swiss engineered


designed for use in urban areas

BICAR is the only solution to meet today's urban mobility needs. Move comfortably from A to B - electrically, safely, protected from rain, with social distance and with luggage. 

BICAR is  emission-free and produced with sustainable materials. 

free to move - free to feel




drive without a helmet

weather protected


Technical Data






Solar Panel



45 km /h

1450 x 800 x 1885 mm

2 kW, in-wheel motor

2 kWh, 48V, 6.1 kg

on roof and front

up to 2 shopping bags, 25 kg


BICAR has an innovative power supply: energy autonomy is guaranteed with solar power and a back-up system with swappable batteries and newly developed Battery Swap Stations. It is the first electric vehicle that can be operated only with solar power


Through the mobile application, the end-user can geo-localize a BICAR or a Battery Swap Station, make a reservation, lock and unlock the BICAR, and use their mobile phone and software as an information board and navigation tool while driving.


BICAR will be produced according to the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM product certfication standard. The certification assesses 5 criteria: material health, material reutilization, renewable energy and CO2 compensation, water and social fairness .

Our solution - your business

benefits in perfection for your needs


 BICAR is perfectly suited as sharing vehicle, corporate mobility solution or for private use.

Corporate Mobility

Offer your employees and business customers a fun and easy way to commute between your company's different sites or to your customers in the same city.

BICAR is a sustainable, space saving and extremely cost-efficient solution for your business fleet.

Your clients will like this maximum parking flexibility and sustainable mobility solution. 

Sharing Mobility

BICAR complements the sharing option in any city: ideal for short- and medium distance traveling, very comfortable and all while completely emission-free.

Your customers drive independently with solar power or change the battery easily with the battery swap system.

Your customers will enjoy commuting without a helmet and the comfort of all- weather protection, 365 days a year!

Private Use

BICAR is your ideal mobility solution for your short trips and for a maximum flexibility: for shopping, commuting and pleasure. Your personal BICAR is always ready if you want to use it.

BICAR is fully electric-powered and goes up to 45 km/h. Safety and fun guaranteed!

Start to travel as conveniently as agilely as you like.


About us

rethink mobility

Without compromising individual freedom and comfort, people won‘t waste a lifetime in traffic jams or in searching for parking spaces while polluting the environment of the next generations.

We are starting this future now.

"We believe and work for a sustainable smart mobility for the cities of tomorrow!"  

Adrian Burri and Dr. Hans-Jörg Dennig

Co-Founders Share your BICAR AG

 We find ourselves today on the edge of a new age of urban mobility. 

Trust is something you can't buy.

Many thanks to our supporters.

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